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Where to find quality Forex tick data?

I downloaded EURUSD tick datasets for several years back from Dukascopy and found out that the data is trash. Many missing periods, sudden inexplicable jumps from one hour to 2 hours in the future etc. There's no way for me to fix this, the quality is simply trash.
Where can I find quality Forex tick historical datasets? I found a few sources googling around, but it takes a fuck ton of time to download it and check, it's even riskier if I have to buy it. Does anyone have any proved sources?
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Forex Tick Data

Hello, I've been using tickstory to optimize my EA for the past couple months. It works well, but it takes a long time to do because it's the lite version. Does anyone know where I can get free downloadable tick data? Highest quality as possible please.
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Looking for high quality historical forex tick data with volume...

I'm writing an automated forex trading system and need high-quality data in order to test. I need tick data for the major pairs that include tick volume. I've found several sites that provide this service but they either don't have tick volume or are based on 1-minute bars.
Any help is appreciated.
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Can powershell be used to divide a csv file of an entire month of forex tick data into smaller files of 30 minutes interval?

The format for the tick data is like this:
Date/Time Price
2018/08/01 00:00:00.070 111.832
2018/08/01 00:00:00.078 111.831
Is there any way to split a large csv file containing an entire month of price data into smaller files containing 30 minutes of price data?
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Another Free Forex Tick Data Option

Here’s another option for free tick data now available from FXCM https://github.com/FXCMAPI/FXCMTickData. The tick data goes back to January 2015 and is available for the top 21 currency pairs.
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Downloading historical Forex tick data and importing them in to Python using Pandas

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My third post: Downloading historical Forex tick data and importing them in to Python using Pandas

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Downloading historical Forex tick data and importing them into Python using Pandas

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[Developer] Investing using Python: 15 years of forex tick data to MongoDB using Python. Part One

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Historical + live Forex tick data

I'm looking for a source of both historical and live tick data. IqFeed and KineTick both offer 120 days of historical forex tick data (FXCM) as well as live for ~$100/month.
Are there any other options that have a better price or deeper historical database?
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How to add volume/tick study to forex

Anyone have a suggestion? I want to keep my charts in time scales and not tick, but I would like a study at the bottom or indicator showing me the cumulative ticks for a given time period. Any ideas? Like a volume of sorts, although I know forex doesn’t have a true volume, there is a tick count.
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A review of data/APIs for newcomers

I was thinking that we should have a better reference to acquiring data than what is currently on the sidebar.
Here are a few links I have collected that I think will be helpful to others. Please post your own links and mention your experiences with these data providers.
On acquiring data:
On APIs:
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Dukascopy/Tickstory forex volume data is not trading volume

Getting Dukascopy / Tickstory forex data (I think the most famous free source of forex tick data), I noticed that the tick data csv has "bid volume" and "ask volume" columns.
Getting bar data for them, the "volume" column is just the sum of the "bid volume" of all ticks in the bar.

The way I understand the tick data, "bid volume" and "ask volume" are not real trading volumes, but rather the quantities in the top level of the order book (highest bid and lowest ask). If this is true, the "volume" data column in the bar data is very misleading, and this very famous and widely used data source does not contain 1) actual trading prices 2) trading volume.
Am I missing something? Dukascopy data can be obtained here: https://www.dukascopy.com/plugins/fxMarketWatch/?historical_data
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What's the fastest and easiest way to turn my data into timeseries data?

Hi, complete beginner here. I have a question on how to prepare my data for ML.
I'm trying to turn forex tick data (from 10000 plus separate CSV files) formated like below:
Datetime Price
20180823 13:35:44.617 110.979
20180823 13:35:45.818 110.9
20180823 13:35:45.833 110.98
20180823 13:35:45.908 110.989
...into timeseries data.
My question is, what is the easiest way to do this by a complete beginner?
EDIT: I forgot to mention that I need the time series data to have uniform time intervals, with each file being a unique record in the dataset.
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Can you use the VWAP on tick data for forex?

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What would you do with this

Had a system developed for connecting Python, R, Matlab which downloads (free) forex tick data in realtime storing it, then converts to timeframes tables in Mssql database hosted on own aws servers (free for first year), for running quant algos in realtime.
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http://twitter.com/forex_in_world/status/1262809020827676673EUR/USD ticks higher after positive German numbers https://t.co/nL2g9ESNIL— FOREX IN WORLD (@forex_in_world) May 19, 2020

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in forex, why does tick volume counter only increase when new bid quotes are received?

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Recommendations on tick size or intraday Forex data resources

Hi, does anyone have any recommendations on tick size data resources for foreign exchange please? It would be the best it collects as much currency pairs as possible, especially the dollar asia pairs. So far what I had found was Bloomberg, Reuters and 1Forge. Things about BBG and Reuters are like their data resources are quite unreliable and crude. 1Forge has no historical data. I have found a few other which has only G10 currency pairs. May I know from where you obtain these data for backtesting please?
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What is Trading Slippage & Modelling Strategy Execution Without the Full Tick Data Stream #fintech #trading #algotrading #quantitative #quant #fx #spot #forex #hft

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How to acquire Tick and Bar data for backtesting in 2019 [Stocks, Forex, and Crypto Currency]

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@AlphaexCapital : USDJPY ticks higher after support holds. https://t.co/W9Ag5tzknM #forex #investing #bitcoin #crypto #xrp #btc #eth #forexsignals

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233 tick chart trading the 535 EMA - YouTube How to use $ADD and $TICK to make winning trades in $SPY ... Tick Charts Give You A Winning Edge In Day Trading - YouTube How to use 70 Tick Charts in MT4 FREE - Video Why Scalp Trading Works - 2-3 ticks all day long - YouTube

Free Tick-Level Data Being traders ourselves, we appreciate that tick-level data is necessary for most forms of algorithmic trading strategy development, particularly where strategies target intraday volatility and/or short-term movements and need to have been backtested robustly in order to perform as expected. The Broker Tick PVA Indicator is a MetaTrader 4 (MT4) indicator that can be used with any Forex Trading System for extra confirmation to enter or exit a trade. This indicator works with all currency pairs and all timeframes. FOREX.com is a registered FCM and RFED with the CFTC and member of the National Futures Association (NFA # 0339826). Forex trading involves significant risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. Full Disclosure. Spot Gold and Silver contracts are not subject to regulation under the U.S. Commodity Exchange Act. A tick in the context of forex tick charts is the change in price of a forex pair caused by a single trade. So instead of showing time-based charts like a 5 minute or 4 hour charts, tick charts will only print a new candle after a number of trades have happened. Forex tick chart trading is extremely short time trading and systems have huge noise and a lot of losing trades in a row. Benefits Since traders analyze the market before taking a decision, the tick charts when used alone or with the conventional time based intraday charts, could help in getting better insights and also additional valuable data.

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233 tick chart trading the 535 EMA - YouTube

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